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Technology transfer

Technology transfer:

Biotechnology is growing so fast in all aspects such as life science, medicine, environment, agriculture, etc., that it has become an inseparable part of people’s life all around the world. In order for the countries to provide their people with a healthier lifestyle it is necessary to have access to the latest achievements in this field. Transfer of the latest technologies to other countries can enable recipient countries to produce the product locally and may result in increased access to the product. This technology transfer can take several forms, ranging from license agreements, provision of information, know-how and performance skills, to technical materials and equipment.


As a developing country, Iran has a great demand for the cutting-edge technologies and has an open policy in this regard. Due to its close collaboration with government bodies, Biotech Fund has been appointed to put the policies into effect and facilitate technology transfer between foreign countries and Iran. Companies with state-of-the-art technologies are welcomed to contact Biotech Fund in order to find a trusted partner .and communicate with them or if they want to learn more about the demand for their technology in Iran’s biotech market.