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Creating investment opportunities

Creating investment opportunities:

Biotechnology has been one of the fastest growing technologies in Iran over the past years and companies and research centers have made significant breakthroughs in this field. Some of these achievements have the potential to enter the market and compete with other products or even create new market space. Although, various promotion policies have been set to support further development of this technology, there is still a high capacity for investment.


Biotech Fund has already financed several innovative projects in the field of biotechnology and it has also received numerous applications from SMEs and even leading companies. Through its activities and its network, Biotech Fund has prepared a valid database of the most prominent projects ongoing or under consideration in this field. So, if there is an interest in getting more information or taking the opportunity to invest in promising projects or businesses in biotechnology in Iran, certainly, Biotech Fund can be of great assistant to companies or individuals.


Below you can find highlights of investment priorities in different fields of biotechnology in Iran: