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Business matchmaking

Business matchmaking:

Entering regional markets is usually interesting, but it can also be time-consuming and challenging. In order to reach profitability and business growth, knowledge about the market and rivals is of high importance. Biotech Fund helps avid followers of biotechnology find specific business partners in Iran for their product or service. Our matchmaking service forges cooperative partnerships and exchange of experience between companies. This entails a win-win interaction between the parties concerned - be it a meeting at international Biotech Events or other customized events facilitated by Biotech Fund.


Iran Biotech Exhibition is a unique opportunity for those who would like to evaluate Iran’s market and establish new collaborations. The fourth edition of this exhibition will run in May 2017 at Tehran international fairground. The event will provide an opportunity for manufacturers, research centers, suppliers, distributers and all professionals related to the biotechnology sector to connect with potential partners from Iran and neighbor countries.


Biotech Fund’s facilitated face-to-face networking is an ideal opportunity to find partners for technology transfer, business co-operation and collaborative research, in pre-arranged meetings. You simply need to contact us; present yourself, your company, your technology and introduce your filed of interest so that we can specify the partners that well suit your interest and connect them with you.