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Priorities in the field of agriculture:

  • Transgenic plants: corn, cotton, canola, soybeans, rice and potatoes;
  • Seeds, seedlings and transplants using micro propagation and tissue culture: Pistachios, nut,   Peach,   Nectarines,   Strawberries, orchids,   Gerbera,   poinsettia , anthurium, apples, cherries;
  • Bio-fertilizers and inhibitors: Thiobacillus bio-fertilizer, nematode pesticide, biomax pesticide;
  • Plant secondary metabolites;
  • Bio-based feed supplements for livestock, poultry and fish: phytase enzyme, dairy starter;
  • Kits for diagnosis of important plant and animal diseases: EMS, HPV, MBV, YHV, WSSV, NHPB, IHHNV, TSV, IMNV, IPN, VHS, IHN, VNN, SVC, KHV, IRDO VIRUS, FMDV, Glanders.