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Investment priorities in the field of environment:

Bioremediation priority for petroleum and petrochemical industries

  • Bioremediation of soil and water resources
  • Bioremediation of petrochemical industries.

Main priorities in air and dust:

  • production of biopolymers suitable for soil stabilization in salt and sandstorm sources and dust origins
  • implementation of the field operations for soil stabilization in salt and sandstorm sources and dust origins across immense areas of hectare size
  • Prevention of air pollution by removing toxic air pollutants (caused by industrial activity) using bio-based technologies

Sub- priorities in air and dust:

  • Production and formulation of effective biochemical and biological materials for controlling dust and wind erosion with the ability to create ventilation in soil and stimulate the growth of vegetation in order to be used in mines (sand production), railways, highways and Construction sites;
  • Production of appropriate bio-products to avoid formation of micron-sized dust (less than PM10) in roofless warehouses in steel, copper, lead, zinc and aluminum industries;
  • comprehensive study of the presence of radioactive contaminants in dust and its adverse effects on ecosystem;
  • bio-monitoring the spread and impact of dust using a variety of biological indicators such as lichens;
  • Reviving wetlands using biotechnological methods;
  • Investigating the use of biopolymers in the vegetation establishment in dust sources;
  • Studying  the effectiveness of biological mulch, and its effects on soil fauna and the environment;
  • Odor removal using biotechnology;
  • Production of industrial systems for bioremediation of air pollutants;
  • Using biological hydrogels in odor removal;
  • Modification of production lines with unpleasant odor in the compost recycling units;
  • Utilizing biological methods such as carbon sequestration to reduce greenhouse gases;
  • Biological clouds seeding and other methods to cope with drought