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1396/04/26 08:31:48

Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarter;

Biotechnology has a large market in the country.

Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarter;

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mostafa Ghanei, secretary of biotechnology development headquarter stated about the biotechnology market of Iran: one of the advantages of Iran is its biotechnology area, where Iran has many abilities. In fact, we have about 15 thousand educated individuals in biology fields, who are active in agriculture, industry and other fields.

Pointing out the large market of Iran in the field of biotechnology, Ghanei affirmed: all of the purchases made in this area are used for insurance and incurable diseases until the domestic production of products.

He asserted: knowledge-based companies are an opportunity for faculty members of universities to manage professors and students to properly move toward their scientific goals. In addition, knowledge-based companies also obtain separated supports.

In this meeting, Fereydoon Mahboudi, president of medical workgroup of biotechnology development headquarter, also explained about biotechnology fund, which is a fund for support of investments in biotechnology area with the aim of support of private agencies.

Furthermore, the activities of “Parsis” accelerator as the first accelerator in the field of medical biotechnology (drugs and equipment) and regenerative medicine (stem cells) were fully explained.


At the end, participants of the meeting discussed over various subjects in this area. Following that, this group of people visited the biotechnology accelerator.