About Us

About Us

Iran Biotech Fund was founded in July 2015 by the investment of the private sector and participation of Biotech Development Council of I.R.I Vice Presidency for Science and Technology. It initially started its activities with a domestic approach and had four principal objectives

    • Financing technology-based projects and businesses
    • Commercializing innovative projects
    • Participating in projects in the field of biotechnology
    • Helping companies overcome obstacles and difficulties they face in the process of production and commercialization of biological products

However, from the very beginning, along with the financial support of Iranian manufacturers, the founders envisioned the growth of mutual collaboration between Iranian and foreign companies to an international scale.

Iran Biotech Fund was established on the basis of the authorization of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution an has 4 Shareholders:

1- Iran's Biotechnology Development Council;

2- Iran Technology Development Fund;

3- Nanotechnology Development Fund;

4- Shenasa Venture Capital.

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